PGSharp APK 1.127.0 Latest version free Download for Android, iOS, PC

Players may play with other players in real-time using PGSharp APK to determine their location. You also get some other crucial features like joystick compatibility, automated walking, and customized walking speeds. With the help of this Pokemon game tool, you may virtually move the Avatar about the map to capture Pokemon while you’re at home. In order to participate in the battle, players must locate the Pokemon and combat other players. Users have flexibility over how to spoof their location with the help of the PGSharp spoofing tool.

pgsharp download

Additionally, this gaming feature enables players to move around in the virtual environment while being in a fixed spot. So that the other users won’t be able to tell where you are in reality, moreover, no other participants in the game will ever learn where you are physical, which ultimately improves your chances of winning. Furthermore, Many gamers have been using the app regularly ever since it became accessible to all users. Users now have a better game experience, and playing on the field takes much less time. Accordingly, the gamers using the PGSharp APK have a comparatively high winning percentage. One of its key features is that this software has no distance restriction for teleportation. You may essentially shift your location to any place in the globe, in other words.

PGSharp Download

PGSharp APK 1.127.0

PGSharp APK 1.124.0

PGSharp APK 1.121.0

PGSharp APK 1.117.0

PGSharp APK 1.107.1

PGSharp APK 1.83.0

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How to install PGSharp APK?

You may get the PGSharp mobile application for free from above download links. Furthermore, users may choose between two versions of the program. To obtain it on your phone, get it from a reliable source. You cannot download this app from the Android Play Store because it is not available there.

Many websites and several other app stores both provide the PGSharp APK download for free. So all you have to do to get it is pick a reputable source. Additionally, you may use the premium version of the app simultaneously on up to two devices. To make this gaming instrument more engaging for the players, the support staff often adds and enhances features like Skip evolution, rapid capture, Pokemon feed, and numerous other features.

So that you may choose how to use the PGsharp Gaming APP to play the game and take pleasure in the gameplay like a pro. Additionally, you have access to the Go plus and support games as additional possibilities. Because the extra features that these games offer boost your chances of winning.

How to Download and Install PGSharp APK for Android?

  1. You must download and activate the Pokemon Trainer Club (PTC) app on your phone before you can install PGSharp for Android.
  2. Use of this location spoofing tool requires account access. You won’t be able to use the program without this.
  3. Upon opening a PTC account:
  • If the Pokemon Go app has already been installed on your smartphone, remove it.
  • Go to the security settings after the application has been uninstalled.
  • To activate it, please alter the default configuration and install third-party programs.
  1. Start this application’s installation after that.
  2. You may get the PGsharp APK file for free from our website or any other third-party source.
  3. Make sure the download source is trustworthy as well. This gaming utility APK can be installed without root access, so you can start the installation process as soon as the APK file download is complete.
  4. Start the installation process at this point and wait for it to finish.
  5. Launch the installed app after that, log in using your credentials, and then exit.
  6. PGSharp APK’s free version allows you immediate access to the regular version. When you buy the application, you will need purchased keys if you choose the premium version.
  7. When everything is ready to go, you.

Features of PGSharp

  • In comparison to the standard Pokemon Go default gameplay settings, PGsharp provides you additional benefits.
  • Your true location won’t be picked up by Pokemon Go’s GPS technology, leading other players to believe that you are stationary in one spot.
  • You may become invisible on the network by combining the Pokemon Go game with the PGsharp.
  • Additionally, the teleport functions allow you to quickly move between locations in the virtual world.
  • Therefore, you may use the joystick’s characteristics to act quickly while playing.
  • Additionally, improve your throw to make it easier to capture Pokemon.
  • In addition, you may utilize the program on a single device and scan neighboring radar while enjoying 100 IV feed.
  • When you wish to regulate the Avatar’s movement on the map, the custom walking speed control option is useful.
  • The auto-walking characteristics enable egg hatching even when no action is required.

Is PGsharp safe?

PGSharp is regarded as a risk-free and secure program for Pokemon Go spoofing. If you utilize it, there is very little chance that you will be reported in the app. To avoid a pokemon go soft ban, you should refrain from regularly moving your location.


  1. Is it safe to use PGSharp with Pokemon GO?

Well, there have been no issues with the numerous people that have already used this app to play the game.

  1. Is PGSharp compatible with iOS and iPhone?

You need an Android smartphone to utilize it because it is an android application.

  1. How can I repair the PGSharp APP won’t install problem?

You must do a clean installation of the software and delete all of your prior remains.

  1. What is PGSharp spawn booster used for?

The PGSharp APK spoofing tool offers the same teleporting feature.

  1. How do I use PCSharp or Mac?

To use it on your PC, you first need an Android emulator like Bluestacks.


If you want to fake your GPS for Pokémon Go, PGSharp is the best location spoofing app for Android. Users of Android devices who like the location-based game Pogo may use it to control the characters and capture Pokémon more quickly. PGSharp doesn’t have an iOS version, however, there are a number of unofficial ways to install it. But be on the lookout for those PGSharp iOS download tricks. We strongly urge you to give UltFone iPhone Location Changer a try in order to save your important time because it offers all the wonderful spoofing capabilities in Pokemon in a safe manner for your Apple device.

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