Google Chrome 104 Latest Update and All New Features

Google Chrome is the most popular web browser in the world and is especially well known for being the first major web browser to offer tabbed browsing; multi-tab browsing was added in version 4. Chrome is a cross-platform web browser developed by the Google Chrome team. It is the second most popular web browser in the world after Internet Explorer.,.

Google Chrome, is a browser that powers the browsing experience of A lot large number of people around the world. Google Chrome makes the web better for everyone. And also Is a freeware web browser for the Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome OS platforms, developed by Google LLC, that is based on the Web Kit layout engine. It is a part of the Google Web.

google chrome 104 update

Google Chrome 104 new update

The latest version of Google Chrome includes various functional updates as well as numerous security fixes. Chrome 104 users on Linux, Windows, and Mac OS should restart respective browser for the upgrade to work properly.

Given how regularly they occur, the majority of Chrome’s month updates, including the most recent one, are small. The most recent significant update gave Chrome Browser a major boost for photo searches by leveraging AI to produce a new “discover using Google Lens” option. The most recent Chrome 104 update, which was released on August 2, brings about a number of significant changes. Extensive screen sharing capabilities, a test to see whether websites load more fast, Chromebook UI tweaks, and security enhancements are all included in this. Significantly, the update fixes several security flaws in Chrome. To unlock all of the extra features, update Chrome to the most recent versions.

Area Capturing Feature 

In Chrome 104, Google added a feature called “Area Capture(opens in new window)” that lets you choose the area of your screen to share or record, as well as trim self-captured films. When utilizing this for screen sharing during videoconferencing, you might additionally select the area of the screen you would like to project. If you wanted to share only a section of your screen in the past, you were limited to doing so with browsing windows.

The new Security fixes 

Google is introducing 27 security fixes in Chrome 104, It’s a great idea to update your version of Chrome as quickly as possible since many of them are basic fixes that address weaknesses in the operating system.

You can choose not to save your credit card data in Secure Payment Confirmation for future transactions, among other new capabilities in Chrome 104. Along with Chrome 104, Google also released a ton of more developer tools.

Updates For Chrome book

Chromebooks are prepared to receive a fresh look with Chrome OS 104, this is offered on the biggest Chromebook. As a part of Google’s continuing overhaul of the Chrome OS user interface, a free app launcher has already been introduced. This displays in the lower-right corner of the display and resembles Windows’ Start Button.

In the upper portion, there is now a new Google Search bar and a button to Assistant. Users can reorganize and categorize the apps inside the application launch by right-clicking and choosing by icon color or name.

Indicators for both the battery capacity and Wi-Fi were presented inside the System Tray section of the Chrome OS desktop. receives an update from Google as well. Once upgrading to Chrome 104, a calendar widget with date will present inside the Task Bar. Both “official” light and dark skins will be easily switchable for Chromebook users. Unauthorized dark and bright themes could only be accessed by activating a certain “feature flag.” Previously.

Speed Up of page loading

Early browsers on the internet would load a whole page all at once. Eventually, “lazy loading,” where some material isn’t loaded until it’s visible, began to be used by browsers and websites. Chrome will only lazy-load embedded information, though, if the website explicitly permits it.

Inside an experiment dubbed “LazyEmbeds,” Google will automatically lazy-load some embedded material without the page’s request. It is intended for the experiment to begin with 1% of users on stable Chrome 104.

How can we update to chrome 104?

Google Chrome 104, a substantial upgrade, already has started rolling to all users. Google said that it may take several weeks for all users to receive the update.

Users should hit “About Google Chrome” with the drop-down option to access the update immediately. in the top-right corner of Chrome. Next, choose “Help.” From there, you ought to be able to deploy the update. To assure success, you’ll have to refresh your search engine. Similar to this, users could test their version number to determine if Browser has already been updated.

so we recommend all chrome users update to the new chrome 104. To get a better experience of your browsing activities

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