Live a Live: Guide To Craft Best Prehistoric Items

Live A Live is a latest “HD-2D” adventure and reconstruction of an NES(Nintendo Entertainment System), also called a Famicom. Its anthology-style structure is one of the significant features of the game that offers players an exclusive experience of some stories over space and time. Every level has particular mechanics, like Prehistory story crafting. The crafting system of the prehistoric chapter of Live a Live is specific, which crafts unique items to the detailed story of Live A Live.

Moreover, the outcome is neat, powerful, and reasonable to what you hand over to the NPC. Players get numerous opportunities to craft items and benefit themselves through the Live A Live prehistoric chapter. The player can combine the items for crafting with the provided materials that are necessary; they can use the crafted items to deal with formidable enemies; the king mammoth is one of them. In addition, players can multiply the opportunity of escaping and surviving these battles for Pogo and his team by crafting weapons and protective covering. The crafty caveman needs to be located on behalf of essential service in the prehistoric chapter as the crafting bench. All the gears are enriched with several ingredients to use when exploring the world.

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Guide on crafting the best items in the prehistory episode

There is the southeast tunnel crafter in the cave hub and the two wilderness crafters if you are looking for dynamic gear. If you provide this seller with two substances, he’ll be able to combine them. There are a lot of kits you may create by combining items. Haystack minigame in the cave beside Pogo and Gori’s room is what you should reach out to if you are looking for more crafting gears. You’ll get an extensive set of materials if you win.

To do things after beating the game

We meet the crafty caveman who can spot standing behind stones at the beginning of the prehistory chapter of Live-A-Live. You need to exit the starting room and lead the way left down a hallway to meet the crafty caveman. Once you go into the large open corridor, head down the left path at the bottom to reach his room, and you will find him lurking.

The best items that Pogo can equip to aid in combat

  1. Laughing Mask.
  2. Wildheart Armor.
  3. Rough Bands.
  4. Quick Spear.

Laughing mask  

A laughing mask is a head armor that consists of dried Skins, Beast horn, or Beast Fang.

Wildheart Armor

Wildheart armor consists of dried Skins and Stone Knife.

Rough bands

Rough bands are a set of beast Horn and Hard Rock.

Sharp spear

A sharp spear has a Stone Knife, Stick, or Bone.

How To Win The Haystack Minigame?

You can find a tribe member with two haystacks in the room next to Pogo’s bedroom. If you speak to him, You get a chance to play as much as you like if you talk to him, cause you will get a challenge to play the minigame. At the starting of the game, you will see two speech bubbles that the tribesman shows you; one speech bubble is with five troglodytes, and the other speech bubble with three. You need to be alert on which bubble he shows; if he directs you to the speech bubble with five troglodytes, Pogo expects you to select the haystack with many people on it, and if Pogo leads you to the speech bubble with a less number of troglodytes, he expects you to choose the haystack with few people in it.

Once the speech bubbles vanish, The two haystacks will fill approximately twenty troglodytes for each group. It would be best if you were careful which speech bubble to select. If the minigame is more challenging, you will get one accessible round thrice. The caveman in the haystack will get the companionship of Gori in every third game. As the haystack with Gori is always correct, oversee Gori’s way. You get a reward for primary crafting material every time you pass the challenge of selecting the right haystack. If you repeatedly win, you get an exclusive opportunity of getting sufficient materials to craft anything according to your wish. By repeatedly winning, even before Pogo commences his first hunt!

How To Equip Beru Before The Fight With Zaki?

Given below is a list of equipment you can use to help Beru when she first joins your group at midnight; also, if you offer her the following list of equipment; she will instantly equip anything you offer her even while she is hiding under the haystack in the corner of your room.

  • Wildheart Sack
  • Thump Drum
  • Wildheart Dress
  • Laughing Mask

You can give her any variety of accessories according to your wish; Rough Bands are a better choice to provide her with as they can show off her physical defense and escape from bosses like Zaki and Odo from damaging her badly.

Attack Items

The Fury Knife is the best weapon for attacking. The fury knife can be crafted using the stone knife and a Leather Strap. The Quick Spear for Pogo and Beru can replace the stone knife.

Vacant Hand Items

The fewest choices in the section of vacant hand items are the Bang Glove( hard rock + dried skins) and Thump Drum (dried skins + bone or stick). Bang Glove consists of  +5 Defense, +16 attacks. The Thump Drum (Bone/Stick + Dried Skins), The thumping drum is a versatile choice because we can easily equip that in our hands, also as an accessory that can craft many.


Beru and Pogo have specific pieces of armor. The Wildheart Armor (Stone Knife+ dried skins) is for Pogo, while the self protective wild heart dress ( Leather strap+ pelt ) is for Beru. The Wildheart Armor gives Pogo +16 Def, +10 Physical Def, and -8 Speed. While the defense-oriented Wildheart Dress (Pelt +Leather Strap) for a whooping  +10 Special Def, +32 def or the attack-directed Wildheart Sack ( Leather Strap+ dried skins) for plus 20 Physical attack, plus 8 Special Defense and plus 36 attacks.


The Beastkin helmet  ( Beast Horn /Bone+ pelt) is ideal for poor Gori and will give it plus 3 Def and plus 10 Speed. ( +15 Special Attack and +7 Defense.) The Laughing Mask ( Beast Horn / Beast Fang+ dried skins) is the other helmet for Pogo and Beru.


The Fertility Charm (Hard Rock + Stone Knife) allows you to heal independently. (Beast Fang + Bone/Hard Rock/Beast Horn) can create a nice flower for Beru, which she will crave, to strengthen her in her defense states.

Live A Live Prehistory walkthrough: Caveman Orientation

The Prehistory chapter of Live A Live has a specific trick. Throughout the chapter, the usage of signs for navigation is often more than text and voice acting; also, the chapter is lengthier than the others.

Language usage also adds unique features to the mechanical system of the gameplay when forming the crafting system.

Live A Live forms as an anthology; it also feels no more than a cartoon as its stories and the plot bring out thematic suggestions. Its outcome also depicts a meaningful study of cultural and caricature shorthand.

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